How to apply makeup step by step

The issue of applying makeup like a professional when raised. Then our expert teams provide widespread order you should keep an eye on to achieve the superlative consequences. However, different things work for different people, so there isn’t just one perfect way to apply makeup. Our expert team is always trying to help you so go down to find a good makeup step-by-step guide. We’ve created this how-to apply makeup complete step-by-step guide. You can use it to learn how to apply makeup experts. So let’s start


Begin your makeup with moisturizer even you have any type of kind of skin either dry or oily. Hydrating the face skin is important. Moisturizer gives the skin flexibility which is good for makeup and face health. Moisturizer is thick a little bit so it is good to warm it with normal hot air or massage the particularly moisturizer applied area with both hands softly. So that the moisturizer got a little thin format.

Face primer

Primer is an essential step to make your makeup last and it acts as a protective barrier for your skin. The result is more flawless, especially with primers that combine skin care and moisturizing benefits,” says celebrity makeup artist Namrata Soni

Primer works like double-sided tape for your makeup. A primer can smooth the skin with large pores, roughness, smallpox effects, coarseness, bumpiness, and lumpiness of the surface and avert the foundation from creating dots. The Primer smooths your skin, caps in your moisturizer, and adhesive foundation to your face makeup.

Put the primer on the center of your face rub it gently over the face in a spiral way to merge superficially. Keep on rubbing gently even your face skin becomes flexible and smooth. You can get a visual guide here

Face Foundation

Foundation is considered a second skin in makeup. Foundation can be a liquid or powder makeup applied to the face to make a flush, constant color to the appearance, cover blemishes, and, sometimes, to change the natural skin tone. Some foundations also role as a moisturizer, sunscreen, astringent or base layer for more composite beautifying treatments.

Apply the foundation on your face, it can be spread over the face with a brush or fingers also.

Prefer using fingers when spreading a small amount, such as one layer of light foundation. Firstly, spread on the foundation on flat and then remaining areas.


Almost all makeup artists recommend applying concealer after to avoid looking cakey and to avoid creasing. Concealer applies just like a face foundation with a brush or fingers but the brush is more preferable to fingers because the brush generates full coverage makeup appearance. Concealer covers your eyes’ dark circles, blemishes, and other roughness, etc. It also makes a plane and flexible, blend-able base to work with before you get to cover.

Bronzer + Blush

Blush is a multipurpose product in beautifying treatments because it can be practiced as the outline. Bronzer and blush are vital instruments in makeup treatment that present your face with glow and give an out special look to your features.

This beauty product is for getting a golden, sun-kissed glow any time of year. Whether it’s matte or shimmery, a dusting of bronzer highlights and lifts your cheekbones, chisels your features, and creates a whole-hearted, luminosity in no time. visit for visual guide


Highlighter reflects the light, it is in both forms liquid and powder. Highlighters enrich the face complexion by reflecting the light process. Highlighter gives a brighter and dew glow. A makeup look isn’t complete without a highlighter, either a swipe so blinding you can see it from space or a natural-looking glow. Highlighter can be applied wherever you want to bring attention, like cheekbones or even clavicles. It can be applied to the desired area of the face by using fingers or brushes. visit for visual guide


Without this cosmetic product, the makeup is incomplete it is applied mostly to the eyelids to make the eyes more beautiful. Eyeshadow provides gravity and attraction to the eyes. The light shades related to your skin tone act as a base and darker shade creates shape and definition, along with outlines of the eye.


Eyeliners are used to highlight the eyelids to alteration the shape of the eyes. Lighter colors make you look more roused, but darker colors can make your eyes brighter it’s always enjoyable to have a basic black liner in your makeup. Lining around the eyes can make them seem smaller. Applying liner, the inner corner open or applying a light shadow or pencil. Applying liner on the lower eye area can enhance. A pencil eyeliner creates eyeshadow deep and more affected.


Mascara is a common product that is used to boost and rouse eyelashes. It helps darken, thicken, lengthen the eyelashes. Mascara helps to highlight the beauty, but also provides a superior appearance. Well-covered lashes with mascara make a frame that boosts the eyes’ beauty deeper and creates an attractive effect. 

Lip Gloss and Lipstick

Both colors are applied on the lips they are crayon shape and oil-based products. Apply the lipstick first and then apply lip gloss over top. If the lip gloss is matte-like or textured, you might want to leave it but if the lip gloss is already shiny, you won’t need more than the gloss. The Lip gloss makes the lips glittering, shiny and kissable. Firstly, apply lip liner, the second step is lipstick and the third one is to finish lips makeup with lip gloss.

Lip liner

Lip liner provides a packed plus matt look to lips and for a bolder look, hide your lip lines using a concealer after application. If you have shrill and rough lips, a lip liner can maintain you create a nice look. Lip liner may be considered an unnecessary product in makeup but it can shape your lips and make your lipstick long-lasting. It creates a special underneath effect on lips.

Setting powder + spray

This is the final step of makeup setting powder and sprays lock up your makeup with the cause of final makeup all day long. These products could make your make-up look fresher throughout the day without you taking several breaks to retouch it. Spray and powder will make your face have a greater matte appearance. in the end, completing the makeup work, you’ll need to set your make-up look with Setting powder and spray, or each relying upon your pores and skin kind and how lengthy you need your makeup to stay.

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