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Hair styles play an important role for your personality and should be well taken care of. A suitable hairstyle can enhance your personality. The proper hairstyle can make you look fresh, glamorous and fascinating. Your hairstyle has direct influence on your physical appearance. A new haircut can instantly change the way you look. It is important to select the hairstyle for getting freshness, glamor and fascination. So you should choose a hairstyle that match with your lifestyle

Beautiful and attractive hairstyle makes your entire look. Hair style enhances your beauty and gorgeousness. To look more beautiful for any event and function and increase your self-confidence, we have brought various hairstyles for ladies and girls. You must practice these latest hairstyles for young girls, ladies and cute babies also. For making them steps are described under each flair of hair style. So enjoy the Simple and Easy Hair styles.

Strand Braid

It is an easy and simple hair style. It can be ready in few minutes. All you need is a curler if you’ve or wavy hair, just a nice untangling brush. First smoothen your hair with a curling balm and try to make your new hairstyle by following these simple steps.

How to Do This:

  • Curl up your locks and comb on one side.
  • On the other, just above the ear, take three strands of hair and braid them in a French hair style.
  • Separate it with small band and brush the hair smoothly.
  • So you have done.

Dutch Braid

The Dutch Braid hair style is beatific hairstyle for teenaged girls who have pin-straight hair. Dutch Braid is amazing style for those girls liking exposed hairstyle. A beautiful Dutch braid style flows down like a thin waterfall on your long, straight hair.

How to Do This:

  • Brush your strands and begin braiding.
  • Begin with three-strands and continue.
  • Braid your strands curve way!
  • Put small band to secure the ends and brush the rest of your hair neatly.

Multi-Braids Rose Bun

Multi-Braids Rose Bun can be your definite choice for parties. You can self-importantly boost your style with the help of few little pins and some rubber bands.

How to Do This:

  • Make four or five section strands of your hair and locked them with rubber bands.
  • Braid each section of hair and pull out the strands to make bulk.
  • Now roll them in circular way and pinned to hold.
  • Add layers to it until you complete rolling up all the braids to shape an attractive rose bun. For visual requirement please visit


This hair style is very easy and take no time to make. This style is suitable for all flairs of long hair and no need of specific braiding techniques. Just twist your locks neatly and tie them together. So have done and let to boast your prettiness.

How to Do This:

  • Brush your hair well and check the ends are smoothened.
  • Pull out two thick strands of hair from either side.
  • Twist them as shown and tie them together with a rubber band.
  • Decorate it with a cute bow tie or clip.
French Braid

This hair style is much better for long hair. Some girls did not know how to braid at the end. This style looks odd at first look but is very beautiful and charming. Take out one of the front strand and braid like your beard shape and push it reverse. Now it work and you will find amazing style of French Braid.

How to Do This:

  • Brush your hair to remove tangles.
  • Step by step pull three strands from the sides and braid them.
  • Carry on more strands to this from either sides, until no hair is left.
  • Secure the ends with a rubber band.
  • After that braid from the top of your head.
  • So the French braid is ready.

Twisted Bubble

We have brought an amazing hair style just practice to rolling the side strands add some bubble and get lovely hair style. It is said that it create 3D effect looking from a distance. Make sure to make this hair style a dozen of rubber bands have before.

How to Do This:

  • It is necessary the hair should tangles free.
  • Work section to section of hair from side to side.
  • Work with each of section two parts and twist them.
  • Use a rubber band to lock them.
  • Have about a finger distance and tie.
  • Partition it in the center and push the ends of the hair from the center.
  • Repeat this on the other side.
  • Finally, use another band to secure the ends.
Bubble-Shape Ponytail

Bubble-Shape Ponytail

This peculiar hairstyle for young girls and ladies improves beauty. Regular ponytail produce a special encouragement in personality. There are no braiding and no multifarious weaving skills need for making this hairstyle. There only need a few rubber bands, suitable for the length of the hair and knitting needle only.

How to Do This:

  • Brush your hair neatly and make a ponytail using a rubber band.
  • Keep half finger gap and tie up another band after making that section of hair.
  • Use knitting needle and insert into the closed section and pull it out to generate a bubble-shape effect.
  • Repeat the process until assembling the entire length of the hair.

Knot Hairstyle (Half Top)

Knot Hairstyle
(Half Top)

Knot hairstyle one of the elegance looking style of young girls. The rose bun hairstyle is very easy to make if you know about the basics of making French braid. It forms an extra volume of your crown and allows you to boast your complete hair length at the same time. It might look a bit difficult for beginners, but once your fingers becomes expert, this hairstyle is difficult.

How to Do This:

  • Brush smoothly and make section in line.
  • Braid your hair using French style.
  • Do it at middle point of your head.
  • Lock the ends of hair with a rubber band.
  • Take out sections of your braid to create volume.
  • Lift the braid up and roll it on your top to create a knot.
  • Now put pins to lock it in place.

Side Braid

It is very simple and beautiful hair style especially for long haired girls and women. It creates a beauty of women especially which have round shape face. It is popular in celebrities and model girls also.

How to Do This:

  • Take a side partition of your hair and tie a pony.
  • Separate three sections of strands.
  • Start braiding down and lock it with a band.
  • Now take a strand of hair from the loose end and wrap it around the elastic band to cover it.

Fishtail Braid (Side Swept)

It is one of the most popular hairstyles for girls. We are covering a flair which creates a cool and casual beauty among young girls and ladies. This to lead an unconventional and make at home.

How to Do This:

  • Brush your hair sideway properly.
  • Braid it in a fishtail style.
  • Keep doing it all the way down till the end.
  • Continue make it until become a “fishtail” shape.
  • Sharp end of hair with a parting comb to take out the strands of the braid and create a chaotic and capacious effect.

Top Bun Hairstyle

This American-inspired bun hairstyle for girls is latest and very well looking hair style especially for college and universities students. You can get an iconic figure worth in a party. Roll up hair neatly into a bun shape to climax your sharp features. You can even put a piece of the jewel along with the bun for extra glamour. Don’t forget to play with that metallic cosmetic item on your face to balance your hair color.

Pony for Brown Hair

Pony Hair style is for young girls with long hair. It generates the fascination and glamour.  The casual, athletic style can be made easily by tying up the pony quite high on the crown. Also, there is no teasing or no difficult technique required. You just have to brush your hair properly and pull it high to lock it with an elastic band. Make sure the pony is really tight to make it stay in its position. Brush the rest of your hair to keep it luxuriant.

Elegant Low Braided Bun

This lovely bun hairstyle for girls creates increase and responsiveness. It has no need of much time to make. It is very beautiful and charming moreover very simple finish. Brush your hair sideways properly and tie it up with an elastic band. Make a braid with the hair and roll it up to form a low bun. Locked it with buns and use a hair spray for a final finishing.

Wavy Hairstyle

You have straight, wavy or even curly hair, just wash it, apply some serum and blow dry for a couple of minutes. Now, brush your hair or run your fingers through it to flaunt your gorgeous looks. If you want some deep curls to show off your gorgeous side, then check out this hairstyle for girls! The smooth and defined waves are created by a hot curler if you apply a little skill. Just be careful to moisturize your hair appropriately to get those.

Black Curly Hairstyle

This an Afro hairstyle for girls with curly hair can bring out the natural beauty in you. The coiled locks look picture perfect with a layered cut. From general to proper, this style suits all your occasions. You can choose to comb it sideways or use a crunchy to tie up into a high pony. Just be sure to use a frizz-taming cream on your hair to control the volume and retain the shape.

Celestial Waves with Headband

Hairstyle for girls with long hair which is too good. This charming style is faultless for special occasions, where you want to keep the limelight. Just use a curler or a hot brush to make big waves on your hair. Add an elegant hairband for an appealing look. Use a setting spray to make your curls last longer and make sure the dry ends are smoothened out.

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