Top 10 Tips for Long and Shiny Hair
Top 10 Tips for Long and Shiny Hair

Lavish hair is everyone’s dream either girl or boy. How to grow silky and shiny hair, how to maintain healthy and vigorous hair, how to stop hair fall. How to treat dandruff etc. are some the common questions people keep looking answers for. Numerous products may give you fine outcome.10 easy tips for long and shiny hair can be a solution.

Routines Helping For Long Shiny Hair

There are ways to grow your hair naturally but one need to be tolerant and follow the regime religiously. Each hair has a hair stalk and root. The stalk is out of the skin while the root remains in the layer of the skin. We are all born with a number of hair that remain throughout our lives. American Academy of Dermatology research says that about 100,000 number hair on our head . The hair root gets nutrition from the blood that flows in the scalp, helping hair be vigorous. The oil glands that surround the hair roots coat the hair follicle with oil, making it gleaming and silky.

There are no magical way however steps you can take to help your hair grow. We are going to discuss 10 tips for the long, shiny and vigorous hair. Diet is one of the most influential factors for healthy hair. To stimulate hair growth and to improve your general health also.

1. Protein-rich diet

“Eating a well-balanced diet with adequate protein intake is important for optimal hair growth. Generally, we recommend 50 grams of protein or more per day. A protein rich diet plays an important role in growth of shiny and long hair. The hair is made up of with 95% protein and 18 amino acids. Eating proteins-rich foods help hair growth while protein deficiency can lead to slow hair growth and makes them weaker.

Genetics Role

Genetics play a major role in hair health, growth and color also. However, we can support hair health by some natural ways especially diet plan. Protein-rich sources include eggs, milk, yogurt, cheese, chicken, poultry and certain cereal grains like Quinoa etc.

2. Iron-rich foods

Iron deficiency can be cause of poor oxygen supply to our tissues and this includes the hair follicles as well. Ferritin is also important for hair growth and deficiency of Ferritin has been linked to hair loss and poor growth. Iron can be found in meat, poultry, eggs and Green leafy vegetables, fruits like Guava etc.

3. Zinc-rich foods

Zinc is a mineral that is needed in very small amounts but is crucial for many essential processes in our body. In case of hair health, zinc is beneficial to keep the hair follicles healthy and vigorous. Our body for binding proteins also uses it. Whole grains, Legumes, peanuts, sunflower seeds are  zinc-rich foods.

4. Vitamin C-rich food

Vitamin C is the most significant nutrient for skin health. Healthy scalp ensures healthy hair growth. It is essential for Iron absorption and hindrance of anaemias. such as oranges and orange juice, peppers, strawberries, blackcurrants, broccoli, Brussels, sprouts and potatoes must should be in our diet

5. Take Food high in vitamins like B12, B6

Vitamins play most important role daily consumption will help keep the flow of nutrients to the hair follicles robust and will keep the hair and scalp healthy. Meat (pork, beef), poultry (chicken, turkey), and fish (tuna, salmon) are excellent sources of vitamin B3, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12.

6. Taking Caffeine-infused products

We all know that caffeine can give you an energy boost, But 2014 study Trusted Source found that it may also have growth-promoting effects on your hair.
According to the study, caffeine may help promote new hair growth at the molecular, cellular, and organ levels in both men and women.

7. Use Cold Water

You should wash your hair less, but when washing and rinsing your hair, it is very important that you do not use hot water. Hot water wash away natural oils of the scalp from nourishing and moisturizing the roots, which is essential for healthy hair growth.

8. Massaging

Massaging is very beneficial practice for healthy hair. Massage your scalp at night regularly, which will also help arouse microcirculation, stopping hair loss. Not only is this relaxing, but it will also revive faster hair growth. You can also massage your scalp before taking a bath.

9. Quit Hair Dryer And Straightener

Regular use of hair dryer and straightener  is very damaging to the hair, since it burns it, creates split ends, making it more dry and breakable. As you know, if the hair is not healthy, it slows down hair growth.

10. Taking Exercise on Regular basis

Taking Exercise on Regular basis is one the best formulae that helps oxygenate the blood and get better general health. It is not just about looking after one part of the body, but implementing an essential approach to health care, which will be  mirrorised both internally and externally, from your nails to hair. Take part in sport that you enjoy: walking, running, dancing, swimming, climbing, etc. By implementing a routine that keeps your body energetic, you will progressive your overall wellbeing and your hair will be stronger and healthier.


The tips that we have listed above are very natural and can be use normally. You can just try one or integrate several at the same time to endorse more hair growth.

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